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I’ll be completing my law degree next year and am interested in signing up for an intellectual property rights study programme through distance learning. Which institutions offer this course?
Sridhar Swamy,

Among the institutes offering study programmes in intellectual property rights through distance education are the National Law School of India University, Bangalore (; IGNOU (; National Law University, Jodhpur (http://www.; NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad (; Asian School of Cyber Laws, Mumbai (www.ascionline. org); Institute of Intellectual Property Studies, Mumbai ( and Centre for Distance Education, Univers-ity of Hyderabad (

After completing class XII (science), I want to study marine architecture. Please advise.
Rohit Agarwal,

Admission into architecture degree programmes is based on entrance tests such as NATA or AIEEE. The list of colleges offering architecture degrees is available on the website of the Council of Architecture ( in). The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur ( and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras ( also offer B.Tech and M.Tech dual degrees in ocean engineering and naval architecture. Moreover the department of ship technology, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi ( offers a B.Tech degree in naval architecture and ship building.

What is the price of an MBA programme in Australia? Please suggest some reputed B-schools Down Under. Also what are my chances of getting a scholarship?
Neelam Bajaj,

The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Melbourne Business School, and University of Sydney are regarded as the top business schools in Australia. An MBA at AGSM would set you back by approx. US $35,000 (Rs.15.46 lakh). To qualify for admission into these B-schools you need at least two years of full-time work experience. Scholarships are difficult to come by but you have the option of negotiating a bank loan of Rs.20 lakh.

After completing my B.Sc I want to enrol in a robotics engineering degree programme. What are the eligibility requirements?
Suraj Rai,
New Delhi

Entry into engineering degree programmes is open to B.Sc gradu-ates with at least 60 percent average and mathematics as a subject. In some states, admission is based on B.Sc marks plus an entrance test. If you have recently enroled in a B.Sc programme after class XII (PCM), you could switch to an engineering bachelor’s degree programme through the usual engine-ering admission process and then press on for a postgraduate degree in robotics.

I’m in the second year of a bachelor of homeopathic medicine & surgery (BHMS) programme. What postgrad-uate study options are available to me?
Shalini Patil,

Earlier there were specialisations in three fields viz, materia medica, homeopathic philosophy and repertory. The Union government has now approved postgrad courses in four more subjects — paediatrics, medicine, psychiatry and pharmacy. Please note that entry into postgrad studies in homeopathy is after completion of the five-and-half-year BHMS degree. The three-year postgrad degree includes one year of internship, during which the student has to reside on campus.

I’m in my third year B.Sc degree (home science) with specialisation in community resource management. Simultaneously I have enroled in a part-time diploma programme in nutrition and dietetics. To better my career prospects should I enrol in any other courses?
Shirin Mehta,

You don’t need to sign up for any more courses. Since you’re training in dietetics and nutrition, you should try to get related work experience that would add value to your education. An internship will prepare you for the workplace and/or enable you to plan for self-employment. Your B.Sc (home science) specialisation will qualify you for supervisory jobs in the hospitality sector including hotels, hospitals, canteens, airlines etc. For a teaching job you must enrol in a postgrad degree programme.

I want to specialise in economics after my Plus Two (arts). Please advise.
Jayesh Iyer,

Most arts and science colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in economics (major/honours). To qualify as an economist, you require at least a Master’s degree in the subject. Reputed universities/colleges have to be identified for postgraduate studies, as institution reputation heavily influences employers. Admission into postgrad (economics) is based on an entrance test after graduation.

After completing B.Com I want to acquire an MBA degree in entrepre-neurship. Which B-schools offer this specialisation?
Shirish Patel,

Some of the institutions offering MBA programmes in entrepreneurship are: Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (; Nirma University, Institute of Manage-ment, Ahmedabad (; NMIMS University, Mumbai (; Pearl School of Business, Gurgaon ( and S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai (

Which institutes offer a B.Ed degree through distance education? What are the admission requirements?
Carol D’Souza,

B.Ed degree programmes through correspondence are offered to teachers with a bachelor’s degree serving in a recognised primary/elementary/secondary/senior secondary school. To qualify for admission, teachers must have at least two years’ experience. A state university will admit only those candidates who are working in schools located in the territorial jurisdiction assigned to it under the University Act. For further information visit